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Special Needs Dentistry
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Pediatric Dentistry for Special Needs in Chattanooga, TN

Having a person with special needs in your life is both a joy and a challenge. Of course we think all kids are special, and of course, all kids can be a challenge, but if you are the parent of a child with disabilities or health issues, you know just what we mean when we say we think your child is extra special. Kids with special needs really teach us about how to live with challenges, how to persevere and experience joy no matter what. We absolutely admire them – and their parents – and we want them to keep their smiles as strong and healthy as they deserve to be.

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Keeping Care Comfortable

Dental treatment for adults and children with disabilities can be difficult for both patient and caregiver. We are here to help.

Not only does Dr. Clay have two additional years of training and internship required to treat children and patients with special needs plus 4 decades of experience, but our entire team also has an exceptional way of helping everyone feel safe and relaxed. Our methods make getting dental care possible – even for children with severe special needs, including autism, Down Syndrome, medically complex kids, unique syndromes, and everyone else!

Our approach also involves helping to educate you on how dental health affects overall health, giving you tips and tricks on how to maintain oral health at home, and being available to you whenever questions arise.

“I have always said that special patients end up with a special caregiver. I think this is also true with pediatric dentists. Special-needs patients require a caregiver who is patient enough and caring enough to provide the kind of care that they deserve. And it is special care. That’s why you need a pediatric dentist who has two years experience, post dental school, in caring for children with special needs.”


No Fear Dentistry

We really do believe that all children deserve to receive care in the calmest, happiest, most comfortable way possible – no matter what their needs. Offering this to all of Chattanooga’s precious smiles is both our gift and our mission.

Our team has a knack for communication and for reading even non-verbal cues. This allows us to constantly monitor reactions and adapt our approach for your special-needs patient’s specific requirements. This responsiveness ensures that your child does not feel threatened or insecure.

We do know that some needs go beyond communication. When your child is developmentally or physically unable to understand us or communicate, even non-verbally, we might suggest sedation dentistry or even hospital dentistry to minimize trauma while maintaining oral health.

Children’s Dentistry of Chattanooga is here to support you and your special needs any way we can to keep you and your family in smiles for life!