Most parents are diligent about good health care for their children, but what about dental health? Even as toddlers, kids can get cavities in those temporary teeth and this can spell trouble once the permanent teeth come in.

Start Out Right

Starting out with a positive relationship with a good pediatric dentist in the Red Bank area is important for the overall health of your child. There are many new studies coming forward saying that poor dental health, especially gum disease can be linked to heart disease, stroke and a host of other illnesses.  This makes it more important than ever to start your kids out right by helping them form a healthy relationship with their dentist.

When your children develop healthy relationships with a good pediatric dentist early in their lives, they will enjoy a much better lifetime of oral health and that’s a proven fact. At Children’s Dentistry of Chattanooga, we strive to make that happen. We believe in starting kids out right and our office is designed to provide a welcoming environment.

Fun, Modern Office

Dr. Clay Goins and his team offer years of special training and a true love of kids. The office is outfitted with today’s most innovative technology to ensure the best possible treatment experience.  We use digital state-of-the-art x-ray equipment, along with the latest dental healthcare tools, including the Diagnodent, Cari-Free products, intraoral cameras, and “The Wand”.

The First Visit

We recommend that kids come in for the first visit soon after their first birthday and we work hard to make sure your child’s first visit and every visit after that, is relaxing and enjoyable. During the initial visit, we review your child’s dental and medical history, and then complete a comprehensive examination.

Often, the first visit is very informal and more of a learning experience for parents than anything else. We can answer your questions about how soon to start brushing and flossing and whether sippy cups are harmful for teeth. We also discuss preventative measures that can be taken once all teeth have come in, such as fluoride treatments and sealants.

How to Avoid Cavities

Dr. Goins will give parents some excellent and very helpful advice to help you and your family avoid cavities and maintain better oral health. For instance, avoid sticky or chewy foods. Although most kids like to eat candy and sweet beverages, try to get them to brush or at least rinse their mouths after eating and drinking high sugar foods.  Our priority is the dental health of your child and we work diligently to maintain their beautiful, healthy smile year-round.

About Dr. Clay Goins

Dr. Goins is a board certified pediatric dentist. He maintains active memberships in prestigious professional organizations like the American Dental Association and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry.  He attended dental school at the University of Tennessee, where he earned his doctorate of dental surgery degree and graduated with honors in 2003. He and his team receive ongoing training in order to provide their patients with the most recent breakthroughs in pediatric dentistry.

Visit Us Soon!

You’ll love the team at Children’s Dentistry of Chattanooga! They are the most patient, friendly professionals you’ll find anywhere. Each one is highly skilled and they understand how to work with kids. As part of Dr. Goins’ training, he studied such areas as child development and psychology and he has an excellent rapport with kids. Next time you need a pediatric dentist in the Red Bank area, please give us a call. We have earned our reputation as one of the leading pediatric dental practices in the Chattanooga area.