new technology

In order to provide our patients with the highest quality of dental services, we use digital x-rays in our office. These digital x-rays, or radiographs, provide higher quality and more diagnostic images. With our system, we can zoom in to 300x the size of a cavity when viewing x-rays on a monitor. Digital x-rays with direct sensors also require less than a tenth of the radiation of traditional film based x-rays.

While radiographic equipment does produce radiation (and depends on that radiation to function properly), modern advances in technology are continually reducing the amount of radiation that is produced. In fact, studies have shown that the amount of radiation produced by these machines is not significantly higher than other “normal” sources of radiation that we are exposed to on perhaps a daily basis, such as televisions and airplanes.

X-rays work on a simple principle: the X-rays are stimulated and sent through the mouth. When these rays pass through, they are absorbed more by the bones in your mouth than the gums and other soft tissues, creating a picture of how the teeth inside your mouth are positioned, as well as any potential areas of weakness or decay in your teeth.

While this radiation is very low, using a lead apron and thyroid collar is important.

Ask Dr. Clay about Icon. Icon is an innovative new product for micro-invasive treatment of small cavities “without drilling”. Resin infiltration works best when very small cavities are present that have not broken into the deeper core of the tooth. This is especially useful after braces are removed if ugly decalicification spots in the enamel have resulted.

Daily, we are thanked by parents when they learn that front teeth needing crowns can be saved with WHITE crowns. White crowns for front teeth are not new. The technology has been available for many years. However, due to the amazing biting forces of kids and the expense of porcelain “adult tooth-colored” crowns, silver crowns have been the best options for badly broken down primary molars. New technology is available for white crowns on even badly broken down primary molars that won’t lead to a second mortgage on your home. Feel free to speak with our staff about these options.